Revitalising the National HPV Immunisation Programme

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03 September 2015
Revitalising the National HPV Immunisation Programme.


In August 2014, the Ministry of Health held a workshop for health care professionals to discuss strategies for increasing Human Papillomavirus (HPV) immunisation coverage.

The outcomes from this workshop inspired an action plan agreed on by the Ministry and programme leads in an effort to progress and revitalise the National HPV Immunisation Programme for 12-year-old girls.  

This publication outlines this action plan which will result in increased coverage, more timely HPV immunisations, transparent and consistent delivery of immunisation services, better integration of services and better engagement between health professionals.

The action plan uses the underlying principles of the immunisation team’s health target four-point action plan, ‘Plan, Engage, Promote and Monitor’ and the World Health Organization’s Global Vaccine Action Plan.

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    03 September 2015
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    978-478-44851-1 (online)
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    Ministry of Health. 2015. Revitalising the National HPV Immunisation Programme. Wellington: Ministry of Health.
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