Report on Maternity: Maternal and Newborn Information 2004

Published online: 
02 July 2007


This is the fifth in the series of annual data analysing New Zealand maternity services. It contains information on the outcomes, availability and utilisation of maternity services for women who gave birth in New Zealand in 2004.

The report contains data from the Maternity and Newborn Information System (MNIS), the primary purpose of which is to provide information on maternity services. The MNIS currently contains extracts of hospital data from the National Minimum Dataset (NMDS) and data from payment claims submitted to HealthPAC.

In New Zealand in 2004, 54,875 mothers gave birth and 55,213 babies were born in hospital.

Data from the Maternity and Newborn Information System (MNIS), providing information on maternity services.
  No %
Mother 54,875  
Liveborn babies 55,213  
Perinatal deaths
Stillbirths 441 0.8
In-hospital neonatal deaths 144 0.3
Type of birth
Normal births 33,466 66.5
Caesarean sections 12,994 23.7
Operative births 5268 9.6

While the MNIS can provide answers to a wide range of queries, the quality of data submitted to the Ministry of Health can affect the robustness of the analyses. Addressing data quality issues will increase confidence in any analysis based on data held in the MNIS. The 2004 report on maternity should therefore be considered another step in production of reliable information for mothers, medical practitioners, health care providers, policy makers and funders of maternity services in New Zealand.

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    02 July 2007
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    02 July 2007
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    978-0-478-30790-0 (print), 978-0-478-30793-1 (online)
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    Ministry of Health. 2007. Report on Maternity: Maternal and Newborn Information 2004. Wellington: Ministry of Health.
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