Regional results from the 2011-2014 New Zealand Health Survey

This publication includes key data from the New Zealand Health Survey at District Health Board and Public Health Unit level for adults and children.

Published online: 
07 May 2015


This regional release provides key results from the 2011-14 New Zealand Health Survey (NZHS) data at District Health Board (DHB) and Public Health Unit (PHU) level. Regional statistics for adults and children are provided for all 20 DHBs and 12 PHUs. These regional statistics supplement the report Annual update of key results 2013/14New Zealand Health Survey, published in December 2014.

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What data are being released?

The regional release uses three years of pooled data from the 2011-14 NZHS collected from 13,742 children (aged 0 to 14 years) and 38,914 adults (15 years and over) selected into the survey from July 2011 to June 2014. By pooling three years of data, the Ministry of Health has been able to provide results for all DHBs and PHUs, as well as Māori/non Māori comparisons.

The indicators being published are those that were published last year, as well as eight additional indicators that were added in response to consultation with DHBs and/or were frequently requested.

Where possible, results from the 2006/07 survey have been compared to results from the pooled 2011-14 survey to look at changes over time. This has only been done for adults in the larger DHBs (Waitemata, Auckland, Counties Manukau, Waikato, Capital and Coast, Canterbury and Southern DHBs) and larger PHUs (Auckland Regional Public Health, Health Waikato, Toi te Ora, Public Health MidCentral, Regional Public Health, Community and Public Health and Public Health South).

Time trends data for children are not available due to small sample sizes for some DHBs.

DHB and PHU sample sizes (docx 48.11 KB) are also available on this page.

Summary of available data

The following data is available in the Downloads section (click "Enable Editing" in each spreadsheet for full functionality)

  • results for adults (aged 15 years and over) for all 20 DHBs
  • results for adults for all 12 PHUs
  • results for children (aged 0 to 14 years) for all 20 DHBs
  • results for children for all 12 PHUs.

The adult data tables include:

  • time trends comparison for selected indicators from the 2006/07 NZHS for some larger DHBs and PHUs
  • results by age group and sex when there is sufficient sample size
  • results by Māori/non-Māori when there is sufficient sample size.

Note that because these regional results are based on three years of pooled data, there will be differences between the national prevalences reported in these tables and those in the 2013/14 annual report published in December 2014. In October 2015 the age and sex adjusted rate ratios comparing Māori and non-Māori were added to the DHB reports.

The web based interactive mapping tool provides the ability to view Tier 1 statistics (current smoking, obesity, self-rated health and psychological distress) by DHB geographically.

The Map Data New Zealand Health Survey Regional Results 2011-14 (xlsx, 16 KB) are also available on this page.

Understanding the results

Some information on how to understand and interpret the results can be found in the Excel files under the ‘Explanations’ tab. Please refer to the New Zealand Health Survey website for definitions and other information to assist in interpreting the regional results.

Why do we release regional information?

Regional information provides valuable input into DHBs and PHUs planning. Data are also used by local government, researchers and many others for a wide range of purposes.

Frequency of regional releases

This is the third annual regional release. For future years we are considering releasing this information every 2-3 years because the results do not change greatly from year to year.

What is the New Zealand Health Survey?

The New Zealand Health Survey is an important tool for monitoring the health of the population and includes data that are not collected elsewhere.  It is a nationally representative survey with high response rates (typically about 80% for adults and 85% for children). The information collected supports the development of health services, policy and strategy.

Previous national health surveys were carried out in 1996/97, 2002/03 and 2006/07. From 2011, the NZHS has been run continuously.

The survey is funded and managed by the Ministry of Health.  Data collection is carried out by the company CBG Health Research Ltd.


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