Proposal to introduce plain packaging of tobacco products in New Zealand

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23 July 2012
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The Government has agreed in principle to introduce a plain packaging regime for tobacco, subject to the outcome of a consultation process.

The attached document sets out the Government's proposal and rationale for plain packaging.

Also part of this consultation process is the Regulatory Impact Statement which was prepared to inform the Government’s decision to undertake this consultation.

The consultation document sets out the Government's plain packaging proposal, gathers the views of interested individuals, businesses and organisations, informs New Zealand's trade partners and invites their comment, and seeks additional information relevant to the proposal.

The consultation document is in seven parts.

  • Part 1 provides an overview. 
  • Part 2 sets out the Government’s proposal for the plain packaging of tobacco products, including a formal statement of its policy objectives.
  • Part 3 summarises the rationale for the plain-packaging proposal, including how it arises from New Zealand’s domestic and international policy commitments for tobacco control. Part 4 introduces the separate Regulatory Impact Statement, which forms an integral part of this consultation.
  • Part 5 summarises the international research and evidence base relating to plain packaging.
  • Part 6 provides details of the consultation process and instructions on how to participate.
  • Part 7 poses a number of consultation questions designed to elicit responses to the key issues and fill any information gaps. 
  • Appendix 1 contains a summary of New Zealand’s tobacco control programme and recent initiatives to improve its effectiveness.
  • Appendix 2 provides a list of sources, references and links to key documents.

Background policy documents and information are also being made available during the consultation period. 

This consultation is being undertaken by the Ministry of Health on behalf of the Government.

Submissions closed at 5 pm, Friday 5 October 2012.


 The Ministry of Health has analysed the submissions received and has provided a report back to Cabinet. Copies of the substantive written submissions are available:

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