Pharmac Review Final Report

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01 June 2022
Pharmac Review Final Report and Executive Summary - cover page

For Pharmac to be effective and deliver its core objectives, it needs to be far more integrated into the health system. This will require more substantial commitments and effective actions both by Pharmac and by the key health agencies it must work with, to ensure a more joined-up, effective and equitable health system.

Evaluating and funding pharmaceuticals and the management of their supply are critically important, and these activities must be informed by the new health system frameworks and the priorities they establish.

The final report focuses on:

  • what changes are required to Pharmac’s objectives, functions, governance and accountability arrangements to better enable the best health outcomes for New Zealand and enhance public trust and confidence in the functions Pharmac undertakes
  • Pharmac’s pharmaceutical investment decision-making processes and in particular how equity is considered. These processes underpin Pharmac’s core function to maintain and manage the pharmaceutical schedule and ultimately are crucial to Pharmac achieving its legislative best health outcomes objective
  • Pharmac’s other functions, including how it promotes the responsible use of medicines, its expanding role contracting medical devices, its decision-making and purchasing role for vaccines, and what role it currently plays in supporting security of pharmaceutical supply
  • the growing area of rare disorders and how well people with rare disorders are served
  • cancer treatments including how New Zealand can manage the increasing demand for and cost of new treatments.

Throughout this process the review has:

  • used an equity lens to understand whether and how Pharmac can achieve equity in investing public funding to achieve improved health outcomes
  • focused on the purposes and implications of the reformed health system: where within the health system responsibility best sits for particular functions currently carried out by Pharmac; and, for the functions and activities that Pharmac is best placed to lead, how to ensure they are better grounded in the broader needs of the health system
  • been guided by the importance of what needs to change to enhance public trust and confidence in Pharmac.


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