New Zealand Aotearoa’s guidance on contraception

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07 December 2020


Health professionals providing contraception should be familiar with these guidelines and training for health professionals providing IUDs or sub dermal implants should comply with these standards.

Ensuring good access for all people to their preferred contraceptive method(s) supports a range of positive health, social and individual outcomes. Most women will use some type of contraception during their lifetime, often for long periods of time. There are a range of contraceptive options available, and the options periodically change as result of changes in medical technology, and public funding.  

New Zealand Aotearoa’s Guidance on Contraception is intended for use by health professionals who provide contraception and contraceptive advice to individuals. The guidance covers any setting in which individuals receive contraceptive advice including primary and secondary care, community health services and maternity services (including an individual home if maternity services are delivered there). Health service planners and funders may also find the guidance useful as it contains items that relate specifically to the provision of confidential, culturally competent, non-judgemental and welcoming services.

Prior this document being developed, a range of existing contraception guidelines were being used but the information was spread across number of different documents and there was no consolidated view of key issues, considerations and practice points specific for Aotearoa.

The utilisation of this guidance is expected to improve the quality, consistency and standardisation of contraceptive practice and will support access to suitable contraception for anyone who needs it.    

This guidance will be adapted and placed onto HealthPathways.

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    07 December 2020
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    Ministry of Health. 2020. New Zealand Aotearoa’s guidance on contraception. Wellington: Ministry of Health.
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