New cancer registrations 2019

These annually published interactive tables and graphs provide high-level data on cancer registrations in 2019. They include information about the most common cancers registered and breakdowns by common demographic variables. The data is provided in multiple formats.

Published online: 
17 December 2021

Key findings

Number of new cancer registrations, 2019





Māori 2,956 1,385 1,571
Non-Māori 23,449 12,636 10,813
Total 26,405 14,021 12,384

Rates of new cancer registrations, 2019

















*Note: rates per 100,000 population, age standardised to WHO World Standard Population

About the tables

The data is provided in multiple formats.

Interactive tables: These provide the latest cancer registration data for New Zealand. When you choose cancers of interest from a list, the data and graphs automatically update based on your choice:

  • A summary of the 10 most common cancers for males and females for 2019.
  • Ten most common cancer registrations for 2019 by all ethnicities, Māori and non-Māori and by sex. Data is included for years 2010–2019 to enable trend analysis.
  • Numbers and rates of new cancer registrations for groups of cancer, by sex for 2019.
  • Numbers of new cancer registrations for individual cancers for 2019, by sex, ethnic group, life-stage age group, deprivation quintile, district health board region and regional cancer network.

Data tables: Zip file package containing text files of the underlying data used in the interactive tables and a data dictionary.

Please note: The number of new cancers reflects the number of primary tumours rather than the number of individuals with cancer. Multiple cancers with the same site and same morphological group are excluded.  

These tables form part of the Cancer: new registrations and deaths series.

You can download these tables from the Downloads section of this page. 


In these tables, we extracted data for new cancer registrations between 2010 and 2019 and recalculated the rates for all years to reflect ongoing updates to data in the New Zealand Cancer Registry and the revision of population estimates from Stats NZ. These are updated annually, and more significant revisions are made after each Census. 

Please note that Stats NZ recently revised their population estimates for the period back until 2006, based on information from the 2018 Census. This will affect rates for a number of cancers, particularly for Māori. Therefore, please do not compare rates presented in this publication with those in previous editions.

Get more information about the revised population estimates on the Stats NZ website.

We have quality checked the collection, extraction, and reporting of the data presented here. However, errors can occur. Contact the Ministry of Health if you have any concerns regarding any of the data or analyses presented here, at [email protected].

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