Medicinal Cannabis Agency - Product assessments

A Medicinal Cannabis licence cannot be issued for a Supply activity that does not list any products.

Therefore, you will need to apply to the Medicinal Cannabis Agency for a product assessment for any:
•    medicinal cannabis products (including CBD products) intended for use by patients
•    cannabis-based ingredients (including CBD products)
•    starting material for export.

The purpose of the assessment is to verify the product meets the minimum quality standard or is exempt from meeting the standard.
The product assessment must be completed, and the product must be specified on your licence, before you can make the product available for supply or export.

See the Guideline on the Regulation of Medicinal Cannabis in New Zealand Part 3: Guidance for medicinal cannabis product assessment applications for detailed information on product assessments.

Application fees for product assessments

The Medicinal Cannabis Agency has set the application fee for a new medicinal cannabis product assessment application to reflect the cost of processing applications.

All application fees listed on the Application Fees web page are in New Zealand dollars and inclusive of GST. Read more.
Fees cannot be refunded if an application is withdrawn or declined.

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