Medicinal Cannabis Agency - Licence activities

Activities related to the cultivation, manufacture or supply of medicinal cannabis products must be carried out in accordance with a medicinal cannabis licence issued by the Medicinal Cannabis Agency under the Misuse of Drugs (Medicinal Cannabis) Regulations 2019.

The licence will specify the types of 'activity' that can be carried out by the licence holder and the people working under their authority. A licence holder will likely need more than one activity specified on their licence to cover the full scope of their business operations.

The specified activities are discussed in the pages below.

In this section

  • A cultivation activity licence is required to: cultivate cannabis for use in a medicinal cannabis product, cultivate and supply seeds/plants to another cultivator or appropriate medicinal cannabis licence holder Read more
  • A ‘nursery’ activity does not by itself allow you to cultivate or supply cannabis plants but may be appropriate if you intend to act as a ‘seed merchant’ only Read more
  • You must hold a licence with a ‘research’ activity if you intend to supply or administer a medicinal cannabis product to a person who is a research subject in a clinical trial Read more
  • You will need a ‘possess for manufacture’ activity specified on your licence if you intend to process dried cannabis, extract a cannabis-based ingredient, manufacture a medicinal cannabis product, or perform laboratory testing for product development purposes Read more
  • You will need a ‘supply’ activity specified on your licence if you intend to supply starting material for export, cannabis-based ingredients, or medicinal cannabis products Read more
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