Cremation Certificate of Medical Practitioner or Nurse Practitioner

Information about how to complete the Certificate as required under the Cremation Regulations 1973.


When to use the certificate

When any body is to be cremated. The requirements are set out in the Cremation Regulations 1973

A medical practitioner or nurse practitioner completes three forms, including:

Note: a nurse practitioner cannot complete a Medical Certificate of Causes of Fetal and Neonatal Death (HP4721) for a stillborn child but can complete Cremation Forms B and AB

Who completes the certificate

The cremation certificates can be completed by:

  • the medical practitioner or nurse practitioner who has completed the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death, or
  • another medical practitioner or nurse practitioner.

Documentation process

The forms can be completed online on the Death Documents website, or on paper.

The funeral director can usually provide the forms to the medical practitioner or nurse practitioner to complete. These are Cremation Form B and Form AB. The forms can also be found in Schedule 1 of the Cremation Regulations.

The medical practitioner or nurse practitioner returns the completed Cremation Forms B and AB, along with the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death, to a medical referee who has been appointed by the crematorium that will carry out the cremation.

Role of the medical referee

The medical referee must be an experienced medical practitioner. They review the death documents to ensure:

  • the cause of death has been clearly established
  • that the death does not need to be reported to the coroner
  • there is no reason why the body should not be cremated.

If the medical referee has any concerns about the information provided on the medical certificate of cause of death or cremation forms they will contact the certifying health practitioner(s) who completed the forms to obtain clarification or additional information.

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