DECIDE – national abortion telehealth service

DECIDE, the national abortion telehealth service, is part of the ongoing work to improve timely and equitable access to abortion services.

DECIDE will connect people anywhere in the country to abortion information, advice, and counselling over the phone. Currently, abortion telehealth services are offered by some hospitals and district health boards (DHBs), but not all. Expanding the abortion telehealth service nationally will help to ensure everyone has access to abortion services if they need it, regardless of where they live.

In-person services are still an important part of abortion care. DECIDE gives people options for the way they receive that care. Telehealth makes it easier for people to reach the services and support that already exist, particularly those who find it difficult to visit a doctor or clinic. It also gives assurance to health practitioners that their patients have additional sources of support.

The telehealth service will be put in place in three stages:

Phase One (26 April 2022)

  • A consumer website ( This website will have information about abortion, including the types of procedure available, and where the closest provider is.
  • The 0800 DECIDE phone line. People can also receive information by calling the free phone line, and arrange for care that needs to be done in-person.

Phase Two (July 2022)

  • Follow-up information and clinical support for patients after they have had an early medical abortion.
  • Abortion-related counselling services.

Phase Three (November 2022)

  • Telemedicine consultations for an early medical abortion.
  • Referrals for pre-abortion clinical tests.
  • Provision of medications for early medical abortions.

About the providers

DECIDE is provided by Family Planning and Magma Healthcare, contracted to the Ministry of Health. Alongside DHBs, both organisations are recognised experts in abortion care and have experience in providing sexual and reproductive health and abortion services via telemedicine.

Information for the health sector

Webinar Monday 16 May 2022

The Ministry of Health will be hosting a webinar for health practitioners to introduce the national abortion telehealth service. Family Planning and Magma Healthcare will answer questions about DECIDE. If you're interested in attending, or you have other questions about this service, email [email protected].

Further information and resources will be available over the coming months. 




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