Immigration requirements

Overseas nurses wishing to work in New Zealand may need to apply to the New Zealand Immigration Service for a work visa.

It is advisable to complete registration requirements prior to immigration requirements, as often these are dependent on New Zealand registration.

Work visas

A work visa is an endorsement on your passport, which shows you have permission to travel to and work in New Zealand.

Visit Immigration New Zealand for information on applying for a work visa. Some nursing positions are on the skill shortages list – check their Skill shortages section for more information.

Who doesn’t need a visa

You will not need a work visa to work in New Zealand if:

  • you are a New Zealand citizen or a New Zealand residence visa or permit holder
  • you are an Australian citizen or a resident who holds a current Australian resident return visa
  • you are exempt from the requirement to have a visa to be in New Zealand
  • the work you will undertake in New Zealand is not considered to employment as defined by the New Zealand Immigration Service.

Find out more

Visit Immigration New Zealand for more information on immigrating to New Zealand.

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