Notifiable diseases

Diseases that are notifiable to the Medical Officer of Health.

A list of Notifiable Diseases is outlined in Schedules 1 and 2 of the Health Act 1956.

Schedule of notifiable diseases

Related information

Direct Laboratory Notification of Communicable Diseases: National Guidelines (Dec 2007)
This is a guide to inform parties involved in notifiable disease reporting about what is involved in meeting new legislative requirements (Section 74AA of the Health Act 1956). The guidelines set out minimum requirements and guidance for those parties that are required to comply with the legislation.

Requirements for vessels arriving in New Zealand
Maritime vessels arriving in New Zealand from overseas are subject to entry requirements. A number of these relate to potential public health risks, such as ill-health among passengers and crew

New Zealand legislation
This links to an electronic database of New Zealand legislation. Notification of specified diseases is required under the Health Act 1956 (section 74). See the schedules at the back of the Act for the list of specified diseases. The Tuberculosis Act 1948 is relevant for notification of tuberculosis.

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