NZ Pass Verifier

NZ Pass Verifier is a free Ministry of Health app for businesses and organisations to scan and verify their customers’ My Vaccine Pass.

Last updated: 25 November 2021

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This page is about the NZ Pass Verifier app. For information about My Vaccine Pass, see My Vaccine Pass.

Download NZ Pass Verifier

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Minimum mobile phone requirements:

  • IOS: Requires iOS 11 or later (this generally means iPhone 5S or newer)
  • Android: Requires Android 6.0 or later.

About NZ Pass Verifier

The NZ Pass Verifier is a tool that businesses and organisations can use to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep their community safe.

When the COVID-19 Protection Framework is in place, businesses and organisations are encouraged to check customers’ My Vaccine Pass with the NZ Pass Verifier app in certain traffic light settings.

Requirements will depend on the business sector and the choices the business has made about how they will operate under the framework.

Guidance will be published on about business requirements under the new framework, including verifying passes, before the framework goes into effect.

COVID-19 Protection Framework

You can’t use the NZ Pass Verifier to scan International Travel Vaccination Certificates.

How to use NZ Pass Verifier

Once you’ve downloaded the app, and accepted the terms of use, you will need to:

Allow camera permissions

The NZ Pass Verifier app requires camera permissions so it can scan My Vaccine Pass QR codes.

The app will request this permission when you start to scan.

Scan COVID-19 My Vaccine Passes

To scan a pass, press the large ‘Scan’ button. This will bring up the scanning screen.

Point your phone at the QR code on the pass so that it fits within the target area on your screen.

A valid scanned pass will show the person’s name and date of birth (as shown on the My Vaccine Pass) along with a green tick and the word 'valid'.

If the NZ Vaccine Pass is not valid, the app will tell you why this might be, this could include:

  • the pass has expired
  • or the QR code can’t be verified.

To scan another pass, tap the ‘Scan again’ button or swipe the results screen downwards to dismiss it.

Scanning a pass doesn't tell you whether a person is fully vaccinated or not – just if they meet the vaccination requirements. A person can either be fully vaccinated or medically exempt (a very small number of New Zealanders will be exempt). This maintains the privacy of those who medically cannot be vaccinated.

Scanning someone’s pass proves that it is authentic, valid, and has not expired.

Door posters

When you are ready to check visitors' My Vaccine Pass with the NZ Pass Verifier app, you can display posters to let everyone know.

Download door posters – Unite against COVID-19

Scanning passes with no internet

Internet is needed for the initial app download and the first scan, but after that, the NZ Pass Verifier app can scan My Vaccine Pass without an internet connection but should be connected to the internet on a regular basis to ensure it can verify all valid My Vaccine Passes.

Technical support

Email [email protected]

Call 0800 800 606

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