COVID-19: The vaccine rollout

Find out about New Zealand's COVID-19 vaccine plan. Who can get a vaccine, when you can get it, and how to book a vaccine appointment.

Last updated: 14 June 2021

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Everyone in New Zealand can get a free vaccine

Everyone in New Zealand aged 16 and over is eligible for free COVID-19 vaccination, regardless of your visa or citizenship status. Any information we collect will not be used for immigration purposes.

We’ve secured enough Pfizer vaccine (Comirnaty) for everyone in New Zealand aged 16 and over to get the two doses they need against COVID-19. We’re also buying vaccines for those in the Cook Islands, Niue, Tokelau, Sāmoa, Tonga and Tuvalu.

It will not be mandatory for the general public. You can choose whether to get vaccinated.

When you can get a vaccine

When you can get a vaccine depends on your age and situation. Different regions will also start at different times.

You can use the Unite against COVID-19 tool to find out what group you're probably in and when you can get a vaccine.

Find out when you can get a vaccine – Unite against COVID-19 tool

The rollout at a glance

From February From March From May From the end of July

Group 1 –
Border and MIQ workers and the people they live with

Group 2 –
High-risk frontline workers and people living in high-risk places

Group 3 –
People who are at risk of getting very sick from COVID-19

Group 4 –
General population

Underway Underway Underway You don't need to do anything just yet

COVID-19 vaccine rollout plan (PDF, 181 KB)

Speaker 1: And I did look at whether I should take it or not. I think yep, I should take it. Purely because this virus is unpredictable.

Speaker 2: I’m getting the vaccine because I travel overseas a lot. I don’t want to pick something up there and then transfer it back into the village.

Speaker 3: I am going to get the vaccination, preventing spreading in the community.

On screen: It's now time for group free to get the free COVID-19 vaccine.

Speaker 4: I want to get the vaccine, it stops you from getting sick and I want to be COVID-19 free.

Speaker 5: I like to think that taking the COVID-19 injection will keep you around to see your grandchildren grow up.

Speaker 6: Yes, I had the vaccine. I’m 99, I trust it’s doing good.

On screen: To check which vaccination group you are in, please visit If you are in group 3 your DHB or GP will contact you.

Speaker 6: Goodbye COVID-19.

On screen: Find out more at

Vaccine appointments

When and how you get a vaccination appointment will depend on which vaccine rollout group you're in and what district health board (DHB) provides services in your area. 

Visit Unite against COVID-19 for more information on vaccination appointments. 

How to book your vaccination appointments – Unite against COVID-19

COVID-19 vaccine rollout information by DHB – Unite against COVID-19

Which vaccine you’ll be given

Pfizer/BioNTech is New Zealand’s primary vaccine provider. The Pfizer vaccine (Comirnaty) is currently the only vaccine provisionally approved to use in New Zealand. You can’t choose what type of COVID-19 vaccine you’ll get.

Your vaccine is given by trained, authorised vaccinators or qualified medical staff.

How the vaccine works

New Zealand's COVID-19 vaccine plan

We have a plan to provide a free vaccine to protect everyone in Aotearoa. Our plan is to:

  • put safety first with all COVID-19 vaccines
  • secure enough safe and effective vaccines to protect Aotearoa and the Pacific
  • protect Māori, Pacific peoples, and other groups at greater risk of COVID-19
  • make it easy for people to get vaccinated
  • ensure we are prepared for future outbreaks
  • support New Zealand’s contribution to global wellbeing.
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