COVID-19: Advice for community allied health, scientific and technical providers

Information and guidelines for the community allied health sector.

Community allied health services can return to normal at Alert Level 1.

We need to continue to be vigilant as COVID-19 is still uncontrolled overseas. There are ways providers can help prevent any future spread of COVID-19 or other viruses, such as the common cold or influenza.

Display QR codes

If COVID-19 re-emerges in New Zealand, fast contact tracing is needed to stop the spread. You can help people keep a record of where they’ve been and support efficient contact tracing.

It’s easy to get your unique QR code for the NZ COVID Tracer app, print out a poster, and put it at the entrance to your premises.

More information about NZ COVID Tracer QR codes

Screen patients prior to face-to-face appointments

People should stay home if they are unwell. You can support this by doing a risk assessment prior to face-to-face appointments, by phone or use signage asking them not to attend if unwell. If you cannot do this before you see them, try to stay 1 metre physical distance while assessing their health.

Read more about assessing people’s health and the actions to take on the Alert Level 1: Risk assessment questions poster.

Follow good infection prevention control measures

You should always have good hygiene practices in place. This is your best defence against any viral illness, including the common cold, influenza and COVID-19.

Basic hygiene measures include:

  • frequent hand washing with soap and water
  • cough and sneeze etiquette
  • clean surfaces regularly, including those touched by patients
  • stay home if unwell. All staff should be encouraged to stay away if unwell.

You should not be treating people who are a probable or confirmed case of COVID-19 unless they require urgent treatment that cannot be delivered by a service elsewhere or by a clinician already in contact with the patient. There are extra cleaning precautions for rooms where a person is a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19.

Read more information about:

Physical distancing

Physical distancing is not a requirement at Alert Level 1. However, with basic hygiene measures it is still the best defence we have against viruses such as COVID-19, the common cold and influenza. Space between people makes it harder for COVID-19 to spread if it re-emerges in New Zealand. Where practical, you should consider keeping 1 metre from people.


Normal cleaning processes are adequate. However, you may wish to clean high-touch surfaces more often.

Read more about general cleaning and disinfection advice

Guidance for the rehabilitation of people with or recovering from COVID-19 in Aotearoa New Zealand

The purpose of this document is to highlight the complexity and potential long-term needs of people recovering from COVID-19 and to demonstrate the importance of the allied, scientific and technical workforce in reducing the short- and long-term health and wellbeing implications of COVID-19 infection.

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