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NZ COVID Tracer helps you protect yourself, your friends, your whānau and your community by enabling faster contact tracing.

NZ COVID Tracer is a Ministry of Health app that allows you to create a digital diary of places you visit by scanning the official QR codes. This will help contact tracers to quickly identify and isolate anyone who may have been exposed to COVID-19 if there is a further outbreak in New Zealand. You can download the app in the Apple App Store or from Google Play. 

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NZ COVID Tracer helps you protect yourself, your friends, your whānau and your community by enabling faster contact tracing.

Using it is simple.

If you don't already have NZ COVID Tracer, download it now from the Google Play store or App Store.

Whenever you're out and about, look for the official NZ COVID Tracer poster.

Open NZ COVID Tracer and tap ‘Record a visit’.

Point your phone at the poster.

A green tick will appear, and your phone will vibrate.

Your visit has been recorded on your phone.

But, what if there's no poster at your hairdresser, the playground or your Nan’s?

Tap "Add manual entry".

Enter: Where you are or what you are doing, what date you arrived, what time you arrived and any other details you think might be relevant such as who you are with.

Tap "Add entry" to add it to your digital diary.

Your manual entry has been recorded!

Any entries older than 31 days will be automatically deleted from your phone next time you open the app.

If you have turned on notifications, we can send you a contact alert if you have been at the same location at around the same time as someone with COVID-19.

Remember to keep your contact details up to date so a contact tracer can contact you if they need to.

Under 'My profile' you can update your details and address.

If a contact tracer contacts you, tap 'Share my diary' from the 'My profile' screen.

The contact tracer will provide you with a code. Your diary can't be shared without it. 

Carry on the great work keeping your diary up to date!

Together, we can help protect our friends, whānau, community and ourselves.

For more information, visit

[Dr Ashley Bloomfield standing inside the Ministry of Health building reception/cafe area to camera] 

Kia ora koutou katoa.

I just want to give a plug for the NZ COVID Tracer app. This is an app that we've designed to help New Zealanders keep a track of where they've been. And it's going to be a really important tool in helping us do really rapid contact tracing should we need to, if or when we get COVID-19 back in the community.

[Photo showing a QR poster inside a cafe and a photo showing someone scanning a QR code with their phone]

[Dr Bloomfield to camera]

Every time you go into a store or a cafe or somewhere that has the QR code, just scan it. It really only takes a couple of seconds, I'm doing it every day.

The key point about this is it's quite hard to remember what you were doing even yesterday, let alone a couple of weeks ago. And if we need to find out from you that where you've been so that we can trace possible contacts, it's really helpful if we've got a record of where you have been.

I just want to say that your record remains private and on your phone. That information is yours and you only share it with us if you want to.

The only information we keep here at the Ministry, and it doesn't go anywhere else, is your registration information. And that's so we can contact you rapidly should we need to if we've got cases of COVID-19 in the community. 

So when you go into a store or a cafe or somewhere that has the QR code for the NZ COVID Tracer app, I'm just going to show you what that QR code looks like. You might see more than one QR code, this is the one you're looking for. 

[Close up shot of a QR code poster]

[Dr Bloomfield to camera]

It talks about the NZ COVID Tracer app, it has the Ministry of Health logo at the bottom and it has the Unite Against COVID logo.

So that's the QR code you look for.

[Dr Bloomfield scans a QR code poster with his phone]

Go in, open up the app, scan it, it automatically registers it there and after 30 days, the information is deleted off your phone. So it only keeps that record for 30 days.

[Dr Bloomfield to camera]

Recently we've added a new function to the app and that allows you to input data manually. So for example if you go to a cafe or a business and there isn't a QR code there, that's fine, you can actually add the data manually or if you go to other places that wouldn't normally have a QR code you can also add that in so you can keep a really complete record of where you've been and your movements for the last 30 days and again that's incredibly helpful for our contact tracing.

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