Dedicated MIQ places for critical health and disability workers

Last updated: 30 November 2021

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UPDATE: Critical health and disability workers who have a job offer and can legally work in New Zealand are eligible to enter New Zealand without needing to stay in MIQ from the following times: 

  • From 11.59pm (NZT) 16 January 2022 onwards if they’re fully vaccinated, travelling from Australia, and have stayed in Australia for at least 14 days before travelling. 
  • From 11.59pm (NZT) 13 February 2022 onwards if they’re fully vaccinated and travelling from all countries that are not on the Very High-Risk Country list. 

More information about these new MIQ requirements is available on the Unite Against COVID-19 website.

300 places per month in Managed Isolation and Quarantine (MIQ) are still available for those critical health and disability workers who need to enter New Zealand sooner than the dates they qualify for above.

To see if you're eligible to for an MIQ place, visit our application page for more details.

How applications are processed

This application process is different from the standard process run by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). Applications for these dedicated MIQ places do not use a lobby system, and the allocation of these dedicated MIQ places is run by the Ministry of Health. MBIE continues to have responsibility for issuing MIQ vouchers.

The dedicated MIQ places for critical health and disability workers will be assessed in batches of 150:

  • 150 places from the 1–15 of every month.
  • 150 places from the 16 to the end of every month.

All complete applications will be reviewed and processed by the Ministry of Health, and eligible applications will be submitted collectively to MBIE twice a month. Applicants will be advised when their application has been progressed to MBIE via email.

MBIE will then complete the process by assigning MIQ vouchers to applicants through their Managed Isolation Allocation System (MIAS). If there are more eligible applicants than available MIQ places for a given travel period, this may mean that not all who wish to travel during a certain period may be able to. If an eligible applicant doesn’t get an MIQ place for their intended travel date, they will be offered another suitable travel date.

Deadline for applications

As long as we receive your application at least 13 working days before you intend to enter New Zealand, we will aim to get you an MIQ place for the arrival dates you’ve specified. We can accept applications for arrival dates up to 6 months in the future, so we encourage you to apply as early as possible.

During the holiday period, we’re working to the following application deadlines to account for government closures.

Please note that we are only accepting applications for MIQ places up until 13 February 2022. From 11.59pm (NZT) 13 February 2022 onwards, fully-vaccinated critical health and disability workers travelling from all countries that are not on the Very High-Risk Country list are able to enter New Zealand without needing to stay in MIQ. More information is available on the Unite Against COVID-19 website.

Arrival dates

Application deadline

Available MIQ places

1–15 January 2022

11:59 PM (NZT) on 5 December 2021


16–31 January 2022

11:59 PM (NZT) on 5 December 2021


1–13 February 2022

11:59 PM (NZT) on 12 January 2022


We will aim to contact all applicants within 10 working days of applying to confirm their eligibility. If we need any further information regarding an application, we will be in touch sooner.

Apply now

To see if you’re eligible to apply for one of these places, and what your next steps are, please visit our application page for more details.

If you have any questions about this process, please email [email protected] for more information.

Privacy statement

To get an MIQ voucher, you must provide personal identifying information. The information you give us may be shared with other New Zealand Government agencies to verify your citizenship or visa status, to manage your allocation of a place in managed isolation, and to produce or retrieve a National Health Index Number for you. You can find out about their privacy policies below:

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