Quarantine-free travel: Contact tracing locations of interest

What to do in the event there are COVID-19 cases in countries we have quarantine-free travel arrangements with, which include: Australia, Cook Islands and Niue.

Last updated: 13 July 2021

For the latest travel advice on travelling to/from Australia, or from Cook Islands and Niue, see Quarantine-free travel.

Locations of interest are places where someone confirmed with COVID-19 has visited. Depending on the circumstances, you're considered a contact if you were at a location of interest at the same time.

If, while travelling, you attended a location of interest during the relevant timeframes, follow the directions below.


If you have been in Australia, continue to check the locations of interest pages for the states or territories you have been in as per the links below.

If you have been at a location of interest, or if you develop COVID symptoms, you must isolate and call Healthline (0800 358 5453) to register and for further advice on testing and isolating.

These instructions are outlined in a Section 70 order.

If you are required to have a test or are awaiting a test result and are due to fly overseas, you must wait till you have received the negative test result before departing.

If you are still in Australia, and have been at a location of interest at the times specified:

  • you MUST NOT travel to New Zealand within 14 days from when you were at the location of interest
  • isolate and follow the health advice of the state/territory government in Australia
  • use the local COVID tracer app for the region they are visiting to get local information and advice.

Keep track of where you’ve been

To help with contact tracing, in New Zealand keep track of your movements – by downloading the COVID tracer app (turn Bluetooth on in the app). If you can’t use the app, download the NZ COVID Tracer booklet, keep a calendar or diary or take photos so you can recall where you’ve been.

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