COVID-19: Current cases

Information about confirmed and probable cases of COVID-19 in New Zealand.

Last updated 1pm 19 January 2022.

All data on this page relates to cases recorded prior to 11:59 pm 18 January 2022.

Data is collected from the EpiSurv database (administered by ESR) unless otherwise stated.

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Current situation

New cases reported during the past 24 hours 80
Active cases in past 21 days At the border 519
In the community 507
Under investigation/other 0
Total 1026
Most recent case reported 18 January 2022
Most recent case reported due to community transmission (spread within our communities) 18 January 2022
All case outcomes since first New Zealand case
COVID-19 cases Change in last 24 hours Total
Active -2 1026
Recovered 81 14171
Deceased 0 52

Case details

Number of active cases
  Change in last 24 hours Total at present Total since first NZ case
Confirmed 79 1024 14874
Probable 0 2 375
Total 79 1026 15249
Location of active cases
  Change in last 24 hours Total at present
Self Isolation -32 117
Isolation Complete 2 262
Managed Isolation 21 570
New Case Processing 9 11
Hospital -2 6
Other 0 60

Note: At current case levels, to protect privacy, only limited data will be provided about hospitalisations. The ‘other’ category in relation to the location of active cases includes cases with data fields not yet complete in the database and also for locations not covered in the list such as onboard vessels. Hospitalisation data is supplied by Northern Region Health Coordination Center at 9:00 am.

Source of active cases
  Change in last 24 hours Total at present
People who travelled internationally and were diagnosed in managed facilities at the border 23 519
People in close contact with someone who caught COVID-19 while overseas 0 0
Caught COVID-19 from someone locally -20 453
Caught COVID-19 within NZ, but source is unknown -1 3
Under investigation 1 51
Active case - confirmed Confirmed cases are people that have been tested, and the test confirms they have COVID-19 (ie, a positive test). For more details, see the COVID-19 case definition.
Active case - probable A probable case is when someone is diagnosed based on their exposure to other people with COVID-19 and on their symptoms. 
In managed facilities In managed isolation or quarantine facilities; hospitalisation not needed  
Recovered Recovered cases are people who had the virus, where at least 10 days have passed since their symptoms started and they have not had symptoms for 72 hours, and they have been cleared by the health professional responsible for their monitoring.
Deceased Includes all cases that died who were classified as an active case of COVID-19 at the time of death. In some of these cases, the underlying cause of death may have been unrelated to COVID-19.

More information

Cases reported each day

Daily confirmed and probable cases

Total confirmed and probable cases over time
New COVID-19 cases reported each day


This graph shows the count of all cases of COVID-19 every day (all cases - active, recovered and deceased) since the first New Zealand case in late February 2020. The graph shows the rapidly increasing number of cases day-by-day from late March until the rate slowed through April as the restrictions during Alert Levels 4 and 3 took hold. The number of active cases increased rapidly until mid-April, peaked in early-April during Alert Level 4, and then decreased to low levels of active cases remaining each day from late-May, mainly at the border isolation facilities. Cases increased again from mid-August due to the Auckland August cluster.

COVID-19 by location

Total cases by DHB

Total cases of COVID-19 by DHB


This bar graph shows the total cases and their status by District Health Board (DHB) and in managed isolation and quarantine facilities.

The Managed Isolation and Quarantine data group shows the number of cases in managed isolation or quarantine facilities. They are not included in the DHB totals. Before 17 June, people in managed isolation or quarantine facilities were included in the total of the relevant DHB.

Managed isolation and quarantine facilities are located in Auckland (Auckland DHB), Hamilton (Waikato DHB), Rotorua (Lakes DHB), Wellington (Capital and Coast DHB) and Christchurch (Canterbury DHB).

Total cases by location
Location Active Recovered Deceased Total Change in last 24 hours*
Auckland 118 2389 8 2515 6
Bay of Plenty 77 299 1 377 1
Canterbury 5 182 12 199 0
Capital and Coast 4 114 2 120 0
Counties Manukau 130 5033 8 5171 5
Hawke's Bay 5 49 0 54 1
Hutt Valley 3 26 0 29 1
Lakes 48 99 0 147 5
Mid Central 0 39 0 39 0
Nelson Marlborough 0 73 0 73 0
Northland 6 135 0 141 1
South Canterbury 0 18 0 18 0
Southern 0 215 2 217 0
Tairāwhiti 0 7 0 7 0
Taranaki 3 58 0 61 0
Waikato 27 920 2 949 1
Wairarapa 5 11 0 16 0
Waitematā 76 2856 14 2946 2
West Coast 0 5 1 6 0
Whanganui 0 10 0 10 0
Managed Isolation & Quarantine 519 1633 2 2154 56
Total 1026 14171 52 15249 79*

*The change in total case numbers may not be equal to the number of new cases reported today due to data updating and reconciliation.

Note: we cannot give detailed information about cases in your district, city or town, as we must protect the privacy of the people concerned.

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