COVID-19 quarantine and managed isolation numbers

Last updated: 26 May 2020

These tables will be updated weekly. For more information on quarantine and managed isolation under COVID-19, visit Border controls.

As at 25 May 2020:

Quarantine and managed isolation figures
  Current Total
Current Auckland quarantine 87  
Current Auckland managed isolation 2211  
Current Christchurch quarantine 0  
Current Christchurch managed isolation 0  
Current Wellington quarantine 0  
Current Wellington managed isolation 0  
Total currently in quarantine and/or managed isolation   2298
  In the last week Total
Managed isolation exemptions – total requests and applications received 179 832
Exemption applications approved 48 178
– Compassionate   95
– Extradition   3
– Critical worker for COVID-19 response*   4
– Medivac   18
– Medical or other unmet need   40
– Transit   18
Exemption applications declined 32 327
Applications currently in progress or awaiting allocation   156
Applications not progressed (eg withdrawn or no further contact received)   50
Other queries managed as non-applications (eg information requests)   70

* These do not include ‘essential worker’ exemptions managed by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

Review of 32 previously declined ‘compassionate’ exemptions

These cases are now all resolved, with the following outcomes:

  • 9 applications had their decisions changed and were granted an exemption.
  • 15 applications remained declined.
  • 8 applications were closed, as the applicants had either already left managed isolation, or no longer wished to proceed with the application.
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