More than 18,000 vaccine doses administered yesterday; 215 cases; 87 in hospital - 8 in ICU

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24 November 2021

There were 18,880 first and second vaccine doses administered yesterday, made up of 6,496 first doses and 12,384 second doses. To date, 92% of eligible people in New Zealand have had their first dose and 84% are fully vaccinated.

As of 9am today, more than 1,664,000 million requests for a My Vaccine Pass had been processed.

COVID-19 vaccine update

Total first and second vaccines administered to date (percentage of eligible people): 7,386,242: 3,853,592 first doses (92%); 3,532,650 second doses (84%) 

Total first and second vaccines administered yesterday: 18,880: 6,496 first doses; 12,384 second doses 

Māori (percentage of eligible people): 827,488: 455,625 first doses (80%); 371,863 second doses (65%) 

Pacific Peoples (percentage of eligible people): 484,507: 256,975 first doses (90%); 227,532 second doses (79%) 

Total first and second vaccines administered to Auckland residents yesterday: 4,125: 1,179 first doses; 2,946 second doses 

Vaccination rates by DHB (with active cases)

Northland DHB (percentage of eligible people): First doses (84%); second doses (74%) 

Auckland Metro DHBs (percentage of eligible people): First doses (93%); second doses (88%) 

Waikato DHB (percentage of eligible people): First doses (90%); second doses (82%) 

Canterbury DHB (percentage of eligible people): First doses (94%); second doses (86%) 

Lakes DHB (percentage of eligible people): First doses (87%); second doses (77%)

MidCentral DHB (percentage of eligible people): First doses (91%); second doses (82%)

Bay of Plenty DHB (percentage of eligible people): First doses (88%); second doses (79%)

Wairarapa DHB (percentage of eligible people): First doses (91%); second doses (82%)

Hawkes Bay DHB (percentage of eligible people): First doses (90%); second doses (80%)

Capital and Coast DHB (percentage of eligible people): First doses (94%); second doses (89%)


Cases in hospital: 87 (including 3 still being assessed): North Shore (21); Middlemore (27); Auckland (37); Waikato (1); Rotorua (1)

Vaccination status of current hospitalisations (Northern Region wards only as of 24 November): Unvaccinated or not eligible (47 cases / 57%); partially vaccinated<14 days (7 cases / 9%) partially vaccinated >14 days (7 cases / 9 %); fully vaccinated <14 days (0 cases / 0%) fully vaccinated >14 days (15 cases / 17%); unknown (6 cases / 7%)

Average age of current hospitalisations: 46

Cases in ICU or HDU: Eight


Seven day rolling average of community cases: 188

Number of new community cases: 215

Number of new cases identified at the border: One

Location of new community cases: Auckland (181), Waikato (18), Northland (3), Bay of Plenty (12), *Canterbury (1)

Location of community cases (total): Auckland 6,939 (2,287 of whom have recovered); Waikato 379 (108 of whom have recovered); Wellington 18 (17 of whom have recovered); **Northland 72 (39 of whom have recovered); Nelson/Marlborough 1 (recovered); Canterbury 8 (4 of whom have recovered); Taranaki 6 (all of whom have recovered); Lakes 24; MidCentral 4; Bay of Plenty 30; Wairarapa 3

Number of community cases (total): 7,484 (in current community outbreak) 

Confirmed cases (total): 10,241

*Historical cases: 199 out of 8,435 cases since 1 January 

Cases infectious in the community***: 74 of 202 cases reported yesterday have exposure events 

Cases in isolation throughout the period they were infectious***: 128 of 202 cases reported yesterday have no exposure events 

Cases epidemiologically linked: 97 of today’s 215 new cases

Cases to be epidemiologically linked: 118 of today’s 215 new cases

Cases epidemiologically linked (total): 5660 (920 unlinked in the last 14 days)


Number of active contacts being managed (total):: 6,350

Percentage who have received an outbound call from contact tracers (to confirm testing and isolation requirements): 68% 

Percentage who have returned at least one result: 73% 

Locations of interest

Locations of interest (total): 162 (as at 10am 24 November) 


Number of tests (total): 4,746,888

Number of tests total (last 24 hours): 35,468

Tests processed in Auckland (last 24 hours): 13,086

Tests rolling average (last 7 days): 29,836

Testing centres in Auckland: 18


Wastewater detections: No unexpected results


Registered users (total): 3,399,369

Poster scans (total): 529,441,680

Manual diary entries (total): 20,650,757

Poster scans in 24 hours to midday yesterday: 2,595,826

* A case reported today in Canterbury is deemed to be historical (see below).
** One previously reported Northland case has been reallocated to Counties Manukau DHB, which means the net increase today is two.
*** The number of cases here may sometimes differ from the total reported the previous day due to a difference in reporting timeframes and reclassifications.

New case identified at the border 

Arrival date 



Positive test day/reason 

Managed isolation/quarantine location 

19 November


United Arab Emirates

Day 1 / routine


Vaccination status of deaths in outbreak to date

We will now be reporting on the vaccination status of those who have died with COVID-19 in the current outbreak. These numbers will be published on the Ministry of Health website and updated as privacy considerations allow.\

There is sometimes a lag between the deaths being reported publicly and their inclusion in the Ministry of Health’s official numbers. Of the 15 deaths recorded by the Ministry of Health in the current outbreak to date, we can report that 10 were unvaccinated, two had one dose less than 14 days before they contracted COVID-19 and three were fully vaccinated (at least 14 days prior to contracting COVID-19).

There is clear evidence that COVID-19 vaccination greatly reduces the likelihood people will end up in hospital or die from COVID-19. A British Medical Journal study reported last month, based on research carried out in Scotland, that Pfizer vaccine was 90% effective in preventing death from COVID-19 – where most infections were caused by the Delta variant.

Today’s cases

Today we are announcing new community cases in Northland, Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Canterbury. There are no additional cases to report today in Lakes, MidCentral, Wairarapa or Wellington.

Information on today’s cases is included in the regional updates below. Anyone living in these areas with symptoms, no matter how mild, is urged to get tested – even if they are vaccinated – and remain isolated until they return a negative result. A full list of testing centres can be found on the Healthpoint website.

Regional updates


There are three new cases being reported in Northland today, two in Kaitaia (one unlinked) and one in Whangarei. The Whangarei case and one of the Kaitaia cases are close contacts of existing cases and were already isolating.

There are several new locations of interest for the Northland region listed on the Ministry website here.

Testing and vaccination clinics operating today are listed on the Northland DHB website.


Today, there are 181 new cases to report in Auckland. 

There are 18 community centres available for testing across the region today. The testing centres at Northcote, Balmoral, Ōtara and Wiri continue to operate extended hours to increase access to testing. 

Public health staff are now supporting 4,524 people to isolate at home around Auckland - this includes 1,578 cases. 


There are 18 new cases being reported in Waikato today. One of those is being cared for at Waikato Hospital.

There are seven pop-up and dedicated testing sites operating across Waikato today in Hamilton, Tokoroa, Putāruru, Ōtorohanga, Thames, and Te Kūiti

In the Waikato region, public health staff are now supporting 139 cases to isolate at home

Bay of Plenty

Today we are reporting 12 new cases today in the Bay of Plenty, bringing the region’s total number associated with this outbreak to 53.

Six of the cases are known close contacts and were already in isolation. Interviews with three of the cases are underway to determine the source of their infection, which includes a case in Eastern Bay of Plenty.

In response to the detection of the case in Eastern Bay of Plenty, additional testing is being stood up today at the Waimana Club Rooms from 1pm today until late.

Testing will also be available from the Whakatāne War memorial tomorrow from 9am-4pm. Further information on testing in the region will be updated on the Bay of Plenty DHB Facebook page.

The spread of COVID-19 in the Bay of Plenty is another reminder to get tested if you’re feeling unwell and get your first dose of the vaccine if you haven’t already.


The one case being reported in Canterbury today has been deemed historical and is no longer considered infectious. They are a close contact of a previously reported case.

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