Impact of COVID-19 on Pacific peoples living in South Auckland

Publication date: 8 March 2021

The Ministry of Health’s Pacific health team is developing an evidence base to understand Pacific experiences of COVID-19. As part of this, the team commissioned Colmar Brunton Research to conduct a quantitative survey of Pacific families in Auckland to understand how the August outbreak (and COVID-19 in general) has impacted them and their attitude to key public health measures.  

The research objectives were to understand:

  1. the effect of COVID-19 on Pacific people’s income, their ability to access health and mental wellbeing support;
  2. the extent to which Pacific people engaged in preventative behaviours at the time of the outbreak as well as subsequently; and
  3. the effectiveness of the Unite Against COVID-19 campaign.

This report presents key findings from the survey conducted in Auckland between November and December 2020. The need to understand these impacts is crucial to not only inform future response and management strategies, but also to create a realistic vision for Pacific communities’ path to recovery.

For further information on the report, please contact the Pacific health team.

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