Autism Spectrum Disorder - clarification of eligibility for Disability Support

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02 April 2014

People with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are now eligible to access the full range of Disability Support Services.

A nationally consistent approach for assessing people with ASD will enable access to a broader range of support services based on the person’s disability related needs.  This approach, which clarifies eligibility, has been developed by Disability Support Services Group (DSS) and the Mental Health Directorate. It is effective from 2 April 2014.

The needs of people with ASD are often broader than disability support services alone and will require a joined up response across the health and disability services sector.

People with ASD may be eligible for funded disability support services and can contact their local Needs Assessment and Services Co-ordination (NASC) organisation. The NASC will undertake a needs assessment to determine the person’s disability related needs.

The continued focus will be for DSS to develop a broader range of disability supports that are suitable for people with ASD. 

People who would like to find out if they can access disability support services should contact their local NASC

More information

See Autism Spectrum Disorder support for more information about elegibility, what services are available, and the assessment process.

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