New framework for e-mental health services

Media release

13 November 2019

The Ministry of Health has announced a new framework to better support New Zealand’s rapidly expanding e-mental health services. 

“Digital mental health programmes, such as e-coaching, e-screening and e-therapy, are revolutionising our country’s mental health services, but we need to ensure they’re safe and fit-for-purpose,” says Mental Health and Addiction Deputy Director-General, Robyn Shearer.  

“The Ministry's developing an e-Mental Health Framework to guide the use and development of e-mental health to better support providers who deliver telehealth and web-based programmes, practitioners and the public. 

“The framework is expected to be ready for use early next year and will give added confidence for people accessing tools and services online in New Zealand." 

The concept of this new framework was shared this morning at the International eMental Health Experts Forum in Auckland.

"The forum was a really good opportunity to gauge the development of this work with international experts and learn from others experiences," says Robyn Shearer. 

“E-mental health tools are proving an excellent way to improve people’s access to mental health services which ensures better health and wellbeing outcomes.

"The critical importance of embracing digital technologies is highlighted in the Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction report, He Ara Oranga, and their full potential is yet to be realised."

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