National Drug Policy Committees

New Zealand has two committees that perform key roles in relation to drug policy and classification.

Inter-Agency Committee on Drugs (IACD)

The Inter-Agency Committee on Drugs (IACD) ensures that policies and programmes developed by government agencies are consistent and mutually supportive.

Expert Advisory Committee on Drugs (EACD)

The Misuse of Drugs Amendment Act 2000 (the Act) established the Expert Advisory Committee on Drugs (EACD) to provide expert advice to the Minister of Health regarding drug classification issues.


  • conducts reviews of controlled drugs and other narcotic or psychotropic substances
  • recommends to the Minister of Health whether and how such substances should be classified
  • increases public awareness of its work by (for instance) releasing papers, reports and recommendations.

The EACD is required to consist of up to eleven members with a combination of technical, public service and consumer members. The current EACD members are:

  • Associate Professor Cynthia Darlington (Chair)
  • Dr Keith Bedford
  • Dr Vicki Macfarlane
  • Dr Jaki Horn
  • Dr Helen Moriarty
  • Ms Lynette Knox
  • Dr Darren Hunt
  • Dr Stewart Jessamine
  • Mr Christopher Howley
  • Detective Gregory Williams
  • Mr Malcolm Luey

EACD advice to the Minister of Health on:


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