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Why immunise?

[Title] Don't risk it.

[Animated map showing spread of this outbreak in Auckland.]

Voiceover: In 2014, there was a large outbreak of measles after the virus was brought into New Zealand from overseas.

[Graphic] Measles outbreak 2013/14.
280 confirmed cases in NZ
3,000+ Quarantined.
48 Hospitalised.

[Graphic] Whooping cough outbreak, 2010/13.
Over 10,000 cases in NZ, over 600 hospitalised

Voiceover: Once a whooping cough outbreak occurs, the infection spreads quickly through communities.

[Graphic] Vaccine preventable diseases still occur.

Voiceover: Outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases still occur in New Zealand. They can spread quickly. Some are just a plane ride away.

[Title] Immunisation. Our best protection.

For more info

[Voiceover] Protect your whānau. Immunise on time.

Immunisation helps protect against the spread of serious diseases. Learn more about the importance of getting immunised and how vaccine-preventable diseases can affect New Zealand families.

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Eat these four food groups every day

Graphics representing four food groups: Vegetables, grains, some milk products and proteins.

It’s important to eat a variety of foods everyday including plenty of vegetables and fruit, grain foods, milk products and foods that provide protein (like fish). Eating a variety of healthy foods helps you to feel good and keeps your body working as it should.

Measles case in Queenstown

There has been a reported case of measles in the Queenstown area. For information on the Queenstown case and to learn more about measles see our Measles resource.

Measles is highly contagious – and easily preventable. 2 doses of the MMR vaccine is all you need to protect yourself, your family and community. It’s free for anyone born from 1 January 1969. Learn more about measles.

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