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Global virus attack

A ransomware virus known as ‘NotPetya’ has affected computer networks using Microsoft Windows in many countries. If you are a health care provider or organisation, find out how to protect your network (cert.govt.nz).

Celebrating 20 years of Green Prescriptions

Video title: Sir Peter Snell - 20 years of Green Prescriptions

[Graphic: Celebrating 20 years of....Rongoā Kākāriki, Green Prescription, upbeat music playing, audience cheering]

[Sir Peter Snell to camera - World Master Games, table tennis in the background]

Congratulations to the New Zealand Green Prescriptions initiative for 20 years of success in New Zealand and on the international stage. During this time half a million New Zealanders have been written prescriptions to increase amount of exercise they are getting to improve their lives and their health.

[Graphic: showing the patient-centred process of green prescription]

I’ve watched this programme closely over the last 20 years and endorse it wholeheartedly. It’s the best way in order for people to gain immortality if you like is through exercise when you're getting older.

[Footage of Sir Peter Snell playing table tennis at the World Masters Games]

Too much time spent sitting is not good for your health. We have to get up and get moving and this is the best way to maintain long term physical and mental independence.

[More footage of Sir Peter Snell playing table tennis at the World Masters Games]

As you age the body is not as forgiving as it once was but there’s always going to be benefit from doing something, whether it’s a walk around the block or competing in events such as this one behind me – the World Masters Games in Auckland, in this particular case table tennis.

[Various shots of people playing table tennis at the World Masters Games]

Table tennis by the way is a great game which can be played right up until advanced age and this is certainly giving me a great deal of pleasure.

Green Prescriptions is unique to New Zealand but it’s been recognised internationally in countries such as Denmark, Australia… all across the world, including my adopted home of the United States. So it’s doing a great job and again – congratulations.

[Scrolling text: Sir Peter Snell KNZM, OBE is a New Zealand former middle-distance runner. He won three Olympic Gold Medals and in 2000 was voted New Zealand Athlete of the Century]

More than 400,000 Green Prescriptions have been given out over the last 20 years to help people be active and make dietary changes.

Mental health services - where to get help

We all face challenges to our mental health at various times in our lives. The way we’re feeling can change how we think and how we deal with tough times.

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$2 billion pay equity settlement for care and support workers

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