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Information on Ebola

Dr Darren Hunt, Director of Public Health and Professor John Crump, Centre for International Health, University of Otago discuss the extremely low risk of Ebola arriving and spreading in New Zealand. Read more

Featured work

Progress on the Better Public Services targets

The latest Better Public Services results show more New Zealand children are being protected from preventable diseases. Read more

State Services Commission updates

Stop Before You Start

‘Stop Before You Start’ is a new anti-smoking campaign aimed at young adults, who are at risk of taking up smoking.

Research shows that young adulthood is a key time for establishing smoking behaviours, with a large number of New Zealand’s young adults smoking in social settings despite not identifying as smokers. These young adults run the risk of becoming addicted daily smokers.

It is the first time an anti-smoking campaign has specifically targeted this age group. To find out more, visit the Stop Before You Start website.

Changes to prescribing

From 1 July 2014, the Medicines Amendment Act 2013 and Misuse of Drugs Amendment Regulations 2014 come into effect. Read more

New Immunisation Handbook launched

The Immunisation Handbook is now in its sixth edition. Updates to this edition include recommendations for during pregnancy and lactation, immune-deficient individuals, immigrants and refugees, and more.

The handbook now includes an epub version for tablets and smart phones.

Psychoactive substances – getting help

If you or someone you know is experiencing problems giving up psychoactive substances, find out how to get help.

Health services, police and schools can find advice on helping people worried about withdrawal in our factsheets.

For more information on the regulations see Psychoactive substances.