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Get the lowdown on youth mental health

The Lowdown is a website to help young New Zealanders recognise and understand depression or anxiety. It includes the video stories of 13 young people who share their own experiences as well as other resources and support. - Find out more on the Lowdown.

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Influenza: Don't get it. Don't give it

Flu can be anywhere. Make sure you get immunised.

You can also help protect your whānau by:

  • washing and drying your hands often
  • staying away from people that are sick
  • staying home if you're unwell
  • covering your coughs and sneezes.

Find out more about influenza

Supporting health literacy

We’ve developed two new documents to help health and disability organisations respond to the health literacy needs of New Zealanders.

Counties Manukau was one of 3 district health boards who trialled the guide. They and the other organisations involved in the trial have shared their tips in our new Health literacy reviews section.

Stop sore throats hurting hearts

Rheumatic fever is a serious but preventable illness that starts with a sore throat. Any time your child has a sore throat it could be serious. Don’t ignore it. Take them to a doctor or nurse straight away to get it checked. Find out more about rheumatic fever.

Better Public Services

Increasing immunisation rates and reducing rheumatic fever are part of the Government’s 10 Better Public Services results. The Ministry's latest results show record immunisation coverage and a significant reduction in rheumatic fever. Read more

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