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1 pm, 21 August 2017

The Ministry of Health Contact Centre network outage is resolved.

The outage was a result of power supply failure to the server. We are now able to receive calls.

Please expect there may be a delay in answering your call due to expected volumes following the outage.

Thank you for your patience.

New mental health initiatives announced

The Government has announced new mental health initiatives that take a social investment approach to preventing and responding to mental disorders in New Zealand. Find out more about the initiatives.

Mental health and addiction workers pay equity claim

Update on the Ministry of Health involvement in the pay equity claim for mental health and addiction workers. Read more.

Think FAST - think Stroke

A stroke can happen to anyone, anytime. It could be someone you know, someone next to you.

Know the signs. Think FAST.

Face: Is it drooping on one side?

Arm: Is one arm weak?

Speech: Is it jumbled, slurred or lost?

Time to call 111.

A stroke is an emergency. If you see ANY of these signs call 111 to give someone a better chance of recovery.

Know the signs of stroke. Think FAST.

Know the signs of stroke - and what to do.

Healthy Ageing Strategy implementation under way

Achieving the goals set out in the Healthy Ageing Strategy requires the commitment and participation of many people working across the health system.

Mental health services – where to get help

We all face challenges to our mental health at various times in our lives. The way we’re feeling can change how we think and how we deal with tough times.

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