High Performance High Engagement

A work approach for DHBs.

High Performance High Engagement (HPHE) is a way of working through engagement between management and unions. Although a partnership is sought between management and unions, all of the workforce will be involved, regardless of whether individuals are union members or not.

High Performance High Engagement sees “the people closest to the problem (or opportunity) involved and engaged in solving the problem (or opportunity)”. [1]

Setting a foundation

To enter into HPHE requires setting a foundation that includes:

  • strategic understanding at leadership levels
    • shared understanding of business and union challenges
    • a vision for HPHE
    • an HPHE charter and objectives
  • setting up joint HPHE governance structure and processes
  • joint training in the process – includes interest based methodologies and decision making including consensus.

HPHE requires engagement at all levels

HPHE requires engagement at all levels so delegates and business managers can deal with problems as they arise, focus the organisation on performance and jointly provide leadership for HPHE. HPHE allows projects to address priority issues of concern to workers and to the business. HPHE seeks development and deployment of a frontline structure for engagement and continuous improvement.

To build HPHE into an organisation there is a need to develop continuous improvement methodologies and internal capabilities, and to integrate HPHE practices and behaviours into the culture of the organisation. It is possible to continue with other initiatives already in place.

Four stages of HPHE development

The methodology suggests there are four stages of HPHE development:

  1. Build understanding of union and management leadership and then make the decision to get started
  2. Establish the foundation and the initial projects
  3. Deploy a structure for front-line engagement
  4. Actualise frontline teams to improve performance.

Ministry assistance / Criteria for entering HPHE

The Ministry’s role, as one of the tripartite parties, is to provide assistance to DHBs entering HPHE. Some funding has been approved and as DHBs engage in development work and training and any resultant work with consultants they will be able to access funding. In order to access the funding each DHB must complete the Criteria for Entry form:

Once completed, email this form to HPHE@moh.govt.nz.

[1] From HP 2 presentation at February 2017 Forum

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