Strategic direction

The Ministry works across the health sector to deliver better health outcomes for New Zealanders.

The improved wellbeing and health of New Zealanders will be achieved by the delivery of services that are accessible, safe, individual- and family-centred, clinically effective and cost-effective. The Ministry has a multi-faceted strategy, as is appropriate for a complex sector. The Ministry will:

1. contribute to the Government’s strategic priorities by:

  • delivering Better Public Services within tight financial constraints
  • responsibly managing the Government’s finances
  • supporting Christchurch
  • building a more competitive and productive economy.

2. deliver on the Government’s other priority actions through:

  • Supporting Vulnerable Children
  • Whānau Ora
  • the Prime Minister’s Youth Mental Health project
  • health targets
  • Tackling Methamphetamine: An Action Plan
  • social sector trials
  • the Australia New Zealand Therapeutic Products Agency (ANZTPA)
  • Smokefree 2025.

3. implement the Minister’s objectives for the sector, which are to:

  • maintain wellness for longer by improving prevention
  • improve the quality and safety of health services
  • make services more accessible, including more care closer to home
  • implement Rising to the Challenge10
  • support the health of older people
  • make the best use of information technology (IT) and ensure the security of patients’ records
  • strengthen the health and disability workforce
  • support regional and national collaboration.

For more information go to our Statement of Intent 2014 to 2018

In this section

  • The Government has committed to delivering a set of 10 Better Public Services results. The Ministry leads on Result 2: Healthy mums and babies and Result 3: Keeping kids healthy. Read more
  • The strategic prioritisation function is focused on assessing health care technologies and model of care changes. It has taken over this role from the National Health Committee, which was disestablished in March 2016. Read more
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