He Korowai Oranga

As New Zealand’s Māori Health Strategy, He Korowai Oranga sets the overarching framework that guides the Government and the health and disability sector to achieve the best health outcomes for Māori.

The strategy was updated with input from across the sector during 2013/14 to ensure its relevance for the future. Pae Ora (Healthy Futures) is the Government’s vision and aim for the refreshed strategy. It builds on the initial foundation of Whānau Ora (Healthy Families) to include Mauri Ora (Healthy Individuals) and Wai Ora (Healthy Environments).

He Korowai Oranga framework

The components of the framework are shown in the interactive pyramid below.

He Korowai Oranga Overall aim Pae ora – healthy futures – is the Government’s vision and overarching aim for Māori health. Pae Ora Healthy futures for Māori Elements Wai ora – healthy environments – means Māori have access to resources and live in an environment that supports a healthy life. Wai Ora Healthy environments Whānau ora – healthy families – means Māori families supported to achieve their maximum health and wellbeing. Whānau Ora Healthy families Mauri ora – healthy individuals – means maximum health and wellbeing for Māori as individuals within whānau. Mauri Ora Healthy individuals Directions Directions Māori have their own aspirations for health, and significant contributions to make to the health and disability sector. Māori aspirations and contributions The principles of partnership, participation and protection underpin the relationship between the Government and Māori under the Treaty of Waitangi. Treaty of Waitangi principles: Partnership Participation Protection The Government is responsible for running an efficient health system that performs well for all New Zealanders. Crown aspirations and contributions Key threads Key threads Māori have control over their own health and wellbeing, as well as the direction and shape of their own institutions, communities and development as a people. Rangatiratanga High-quality health information will ensure the Government, the health and disability sector and Māori make informed decisions and develop initiatives using the best evidence available. Knowledge Whānau ora remains a priority for the next decade of He Korowai Oranga. Building on these gains is central to achieving the elements of pae ora. Building on the gains Māori have equitable health outcomes through access to high-quality health and disability services that are responsive to their aspirations and needs. Quality improvement Better health for all New Zealanders – achieving health equity as a minimum. Equity Pathways Pathways This pathway acknowledges the need to foster conditions that build on the strengths and assets of whānau and encourage their health and wellbeing. Whānau, hapū, iwi, community development Strong leadership sets the foundation for pae ora and improving Māori health outcomes into the future. Leadership This pathway supports Māori participation at all levels of the health and disability sector. Māori participation Effective planning, resourcing and evaluation support more effective services for Māori and improved health outcomes. Planning, resourcing and evaluation This pathway acknowledges the need for timely, high-quality, effective and culturally appropriate health and disability services for Māori as consumers of health services. Effective service delivery Measuring and monitoring Māori health progress drives continuous quality improvement in the development, design and delivery of services for Māori. Outcome/ performance and monitoring Everyone at all levels of the health system and wider social sector must work together to improve Māori health. Working across sectors

A living, web-based strategy

He Korowai Oranga is a living strategy. Updating this website with evidence, data and case studies will be integral activities in its second decade. Over time, this web-based strategy will become a ‘hub of innovation’ for Māori health.

You can access information on the aim, elements, key threads and pathways of the He Korowai Oranga framework using the diagram above. Over time, this information will be updated.

A downloadable Guide to He Korowai Oranga – Māori Health Strategy is also available.

You can provide us with any further ideas or feedback for the website using our feedback form.

How it works

He Korowai Oranga is a high-level strategy that supports the Ministry of Health and district health boards (DHBs) to improve Māori health by addressing the:

Implementing He Korowai Oranga is the responsibility of the whole of the health and disability sector. It has implications for other sectors as well.

DHBs in particular should consider He Korowai Oranga in their planning, and in meeting their statutory objectives and functions for Māori health. He Korowai Oranga assists Māori providers and communities, and other providers when planning their own strategic development.

The elements, directions, key threads and pathways of He Korowai Oranga are the health system’s guide to improving Māori health and realising pae ora – healthy futures.

The 4 pathways of the original He Korowai Oranga framework continue to tell us how to implement the strategy. These pathways are:

  • supporting whānau, hapū, iwi and community development
  • supporting Māori participation at all levels of the health and disability sector
  • ensuring effective health service delivery
  • working across sectors.

Strengthening He Korowai Oranga

He Korowai Oranga is now strengthened by core components woven into the ‘inverse’ of the framework.

View the framework and learn more about these components at Strengthening He Korowai Oranga.

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