Mental health and addictions

This section provides information about the Ministry's work in the areas of mental health, depression and suicide prevention.

In this section

  • Information on alcohol and public health policy in New Zealand Read more
  • Details of the New Zealand Government's responsibilities and initiatives about minimising harm from alcohol and other drug use. Read more
  • The Commissioning Framework places people at the centre of commissioning, and aims to achieve equitable outcomes for everyone, wherever they live and whatever their circumstances. It is part of shifting the focus away from how things are done, and towards outcomes that will make a real difference for people experiencing mental health and/or addiction issues. Read more
  • Information on Ministry's mental health work, which includes providing policy advice, administering legislation and developing the workforce. Read more
  • An initiative aiming to reduce the impact of depression and anxiety on the lives of New Zealanders by aiding early recognition, appropriate treatment, and recovery. Read more
  • The Ministry funds and coordinates problem gambling services. This section covers problem gambling services, their usage, and the problem gambling levy. Read more
  • Information for health services, schools and police on withdrawal from psychoactive substances. Read more
  • Rising to the Challenge is the Government’s 5-year service development plan for mental health and addiction services. Read more
  • Suicide is a serious concern for New Zealand communities. This section covers the suicide prevention work of the Ministry and other agencies. Read more
  • The Prime Minister’s Youth Mental Health Project is working to improve the mental health and wellbeing of young people. Read more
  • Publications relating to mental health in New Zealand, including suicide prevention and the National Depression Initiative. Read more
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