Hospitals and specialist care

This section provides information about public hospitals and specialist services, including emergency departments and elective services.

In this section

  • Public hospitals are run and owned, or funded, by district health boards (DHBs). DHBs are responsible for providing or funding the provision of health and disability services in their district. Read more
  • Emergency departments treat people who have a serious illness or injury that requires urgent attention. This section provides information about visits to emergency departments, and the Health Target which is focused on improving acute patient flow. Read more
  • Elective services, often known simply as ‘Electives’, are medical or surgical services for people who do not need to be treated right away. Read more
  • The special high cost treatment pool is money set aside by the Ministry of Health for one-off treatments not otherwise funded by the public health system. Read more
  • A guide to the National Travel Assistance Policy, which helps people financially who are referred by their specialist to see another specialist, and need to travel long distances or travel frequently. Read more
  • ACC and the Ministry of Health are working together to develop a joint national Spinal Cord Impairment (SCI) Strategy and implementation plan. Read more
  • Publications relating to hospitals and specialist care services in New Zealand. Read more