Gambling harm - getting help

Many New Zealanders gamble occasionally, they might buy a lottery ticket or go to the races, but for some people gambling can lead to serious harm.

Warning signs of harmful gambling

You may be experiencing gambling harm if:

  • you are starting to experience stress associated with gambling
  • gambling is starting to put pressure on budget
  • gambling is starting to cause relationship problems
  • you are spending more time or money than planned
  • you are making excuses or being secretive with people about how much time and money you’ve spent on gambling
  • you are feeling guilty or worried about the amount you are gambling
  • you or your family are going without basic needs because of money spent on gambling
  • you think you can gamble your way out of debt
  • you are losing interest in friends, family or other activities
  • you are borrowing or taking money from friends, family, or a workplace.
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