2022 Provisional Vaccinator course

The Provisional Vaccinator pathway run by the Immunisation Advisory Centre (IMAC) will be reopened.

Changes to Pharmacist Vaccinators and Provisional Pharmacist Vaccinators

The 2022 Influenza Programme started on 1 April 2022, with the goal of vaccinating as many people as possible against influenza. We encourage pharmacist vaccinators to apply for authorisation under regulation 44A of the Medicines Regulations 1984. This will enable them to administer the flu vaccine to people aged three years and over.

Provisional Pharmacist Vaccinators can reapply for authorisation under regulation 44A of the Medicines Regulations 1984. This will enable them to administer the influenza vaccine to people aged 3 years and over. More information is available on the following page:

The Provisional Vaccinator Foundation Course (PVFC) supports the development of an expanded immunisation workforce for the MMR campaign, influenza seasons and the COVID 19 vaccine programmes, as part of New Zealand’s pandemic response.

The 2022 PVFC will offer health care providers further options as they respond to workforce pressures related to Omicron, booster shots and administering the COVID-19 vaccine to 5–11-year-olds alongside the MMR campaign and the influenza season.

There is a key change in accessing the course for 2022. Package codes will be created for every health provider/employer who can then share the package code with the learners they wish to support through the provisional vaccinator pathway.

Please keep in mind that specific professions are eligible for the provisional vaccinator training pathway, as outlined in the 2022 PVFC FAQ.

Provisional vaccinators can administer MMR and influenza vaccines. Those who wish to also administer the Paediatric Pfizer vaccine or AstraZeneca vaccine, must complete the appropriate COVID-19 vaccinator education course. See the suite of COVID-19 vaccination courses. All can be freely accessed via LMS and without a package code.

All current provisional vaccinators are authorised for two years from the date of their authorisation letter.

The previously communicated 31 March 2022 deadline to complete provisional vaccinator authorisation no longer applies.

IMAC is emailing providers directly with their package code. If any provider is missed in this initial communication, please contact [email protected].

Eligible and interested individual health care professionals are expected to receive the issued code from their employer or the provider they intend to work for. As an individual, please do not contact IMAC directly for a package code.    

A support guide for employers and learners to access IMAC’s learning management system is available. Please contact the IMAC education team at [email protected] with any questions about access, eligibility or for an employer support guide.

The future of the provisional vaccinator role will be reassessed later in the year in the context of the broader COVID response and health system needs.

IMAC’s bridging course to support PVs becoming fully authorised vaccinators will now be available later in 2022.

View changes to Pharmacist Vaccinators and Provisional Pharmacist Vaccinators.

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