Workshops on the Health of Older People Strategy update

The Ministry is running workshops on our update of the Health of Older People Strategy, but we’d also like to encourage communities to run their own workshops.

Regional workshops

The Ministry of Health organised workshops in Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Christchurch and Dunedin.

These workshops have now taken place - thanks to all those who took part.

Hold your own workshop

You might like to hold your own workshop with a group of friends, kaumātua, members of a club or an organisation who want to discuss the strategy and provide some joint feedback.

You might like to use part of a regular meeting to gather views and shape them into a submission.

Or you might have other ideas for tapping into your networks to provide us with insights to improve the strategy and identify the actions that need to be given priority.

Whichever approach you want to take, we have provided some notes and conversation starters to assist you.

We have suggested a simple structured approach that we hope will help you work through the material easily, and will help us to work through all the submissions and contributions.

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