Pharmacy Action Plan 2016 to 2020

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03 June 2016
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This Action Plan was developed as a way of addressing the need to provide sustainable, high-quality pharmacist services in a complex and evolving environment. It emphasises the importance of taking an integrated, coherent approach so that all are clear on the role they have to play in making its vision of the future into a reality.

There is general agreement that we face complex challenges that make it more difficult to use pharmacists’ skills more effectively. However, there is also confidence that we can work together to address these challenges, using the very real strengths of our system and the experience and skills that everyone brings to their roles.

The Pharmacy Action Plan is divided into four ‘focus areas’ and four ‘tools for change’, each of which contains a number of actions. Consultation feedback agreed that each action should have an organisation or group of stakeholders with lead accountability for it, while also understanding that all would need to play their part for each action to succeed.

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    03 June 2016
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    Ministry of Health. 2016. Pharmacy Action Plan 2016 to 2020. Wellington: Ministry of Health.
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