Developing the Healthy Ageing Strategy

The Healthy Ageing Strategy is the result of an extensive engagement and consultation process carried out in 2015 and 2016.

Engagement was carried out in three phases: to establish strategic priorities and action areas, to develop actions, and then to consult on a draft Strategy.

Over 2000 people were involved in the workshops, meetings, hui, fono, teleconferences and online forum. Those involved included older people, their families, carers and communities; funders, planners and clinical professionals from district health boards; primary health and other non-governmental organisations; aged care service providers; Maori, Pacific and people of other ethnicities; people with disabilities; and government agencies.

Public consultation

During the public consultation period (13 July to 7 September 2016), over 200 individuals, networks and organisations made submissions on the draft Strategy.

A summary of written submissions received during the consultation period has been released, and individual submissions where clear concernt was given.  

Thank you to all of you who contributed to the process and for your thoughtful feedback. Your feedback has helped to shape and solidify the vision, direction and priorities for action, and your continued involvement will help to ensure that the Strategy is successfully implemented.


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