Facility code table

Spreadsheet of facility codes.

The HPI Facility Id is the master Facility identifier assigned to all facilities .

Health Facility Codes are assigned only where needed for National Collections and some older systems.

While every endeavour is made to keep the data in the facilities spreadsheet up to date and accurate, please email [email protected] where

  • any of the information in the spreadsheet appears incorrect
  • there is no Health Facility Code for a facility (only when one is needed)
  • you require a new facility to be added.

 The minimum data required for assigning a new HPI Facility Id is:

  • Name of Organisation that will own/manage/operate the facility
  • Name of the facility
  • Street address of the facility  (and any other info such as building name if relevant)
  • Contact details for the facility – eg, Phone, email
  • Type of facility – eg, mobile vaccination site, Pharmacy, etc.

Note: National Collections

The HPI Facility ID is currently only to be used for the Ministry of Social Development's medical certificates, PRIMHD and the NPF national collections. For all other applications please continue to use the Health Facility Code.

While a facility code may exist in this spreadsheet, this is no guarantee that the code will be accepted by any national collection. If there is a less commonly used facility code you are intending on submitting to a national collection, please confirm this code with the Data Management team at: [email protected].

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