Health of older people

This section provides information about the work of the Ministry's Health of older people team.

In this section

  • The Health of Older People Team are currently working on improving assessment and service coordination for older people; support and care in the community; and the InterRai National DHB Implementation Project. Read more
  • District health boards fund services that enable older people to be supported to live in their own homes. Home support services give older people the ability to make choices in later life about where they want to live, and to receive the support to do so. Read more
  • This section provides information about legislation related to long-term residential care and general information about entering residential care. Read more
  • Needs Assessment Service Coordination agencies (NASCs) operate the needs assessment and service coordination process on behalf of the relevant district health board. Every person who wishes to receive disability support services funded by a district health board must be needs assessed by the NASC. Read more
  • Resources published by the Ministry on the health of older people. Read more
  • Links to websites and resources on the health of older people in New Zealand and overseas. Read more