About Health Workforce

Health Workforce New Zealand leads and supports the training and development of the health and disability workforce.

Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ),  established in 2009, provides national leadership as it works with stakeholders involved in the development of the health workforce.

It has overall responsibility for planning and development of the health workforce, ensuring that staffing issues are aligned with planning on delivery of services and that our healthcare workforce is fit for purpose.

Our aim is to work with key organisations to ensure the New Zealand public has a health workforce fit to meet its needs. We do this by collaborating with educational bodies and employers to ensure that workforce planning and postgraduate training aligns with the needs of current and future service delivery. The principles that guide our work with the health sector are set out in our engagement philosophy.

Health Workforce New Zealand strategic intent and priorities

Achieving Government’s health targets depends on a capable and well-distributed supply of health professionals.  Since its establishment in 2009, HWNZ has worked on initiatives aimed at developing a workforce capable of supporting the delivery of health targets and other government and wider Ministry priorities for health - Read more

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