Issue-based documents on eating and activity

These documents provide in-depth information on eating and activity issues, beyond what is covered in the Guidelines document.

Existing issue-based documents

Developing new documents

Other issue-based documents will be produced as required, prioritised to meet the information needs of the health sector.

The Ministry and relevant specialists will develop the issue-based documents using the latest evidence. Relevant stakeholders in the health sector will be consulted about the draft documents before they are finalised.

Work is currently underway on:

  • physical activity for under-fives
  • serving size review.

Physical activity for under-fives

The Ministry is in the process of updating the advice on physical activity for under-fives. This advice covers age and stage appropriate fundamental movement skills, activities and other information for children under five years.

The Review of Physical Activity Guidance and Resources for Under-Fives provides options and recommendations to the Ministry on how these resources could be updated.

Serving size review

The Ministry has begun a review of its current serving size advice. So far we have completed a review of relevant literature and other countries’ serving size advice. We have also held an initial sector stakeholder meeting. We are currently investigating next steps.

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