Emergency dental care

If you or a family member has toothache or an injury to your teeth or gums, get help as soon as possible.

Minor problems

  • If the problem isn’t too bad, phone your dentist, tell them you have toothache (or an injury) and make an appointment.

More serious problems

  • If the toothache is bad or the injury appears serious, get to an after-hours dentist. (If it’s normally safe for you to take painkillers such as paracetamol, you can do this before you see the dentist.)

Finding an after-hours dentist

  • Dentists in your region may provide an after-hours service. Your dentist’s answer phone will tell you where to go.
  • Your doctor may be able to provide relief from pain or infection – but you'll still need to see a dentist later.
  • Your local hospital may provide emergency dental treatment (eg, to relieve pain) but this should be your last option. You may still have to follow up with a dentist later.
  • If you have a serious injury affecting your mouth, teeth or gums, go to the emergency department at your hospital.

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