Call Healthline free on 0800 611 116 for advice and information from a trusted registered nurse. 

If you or your whānau are unwell, the best ways to get support are:
  • call your family doctor – many people don’t realise that calls to their GP are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • call Healthline free on 0800 611 116:  
    • if you don’t have a family doctor
    • if you’re feeling unwell but you’re not sure if you need to see a doctor
    • for advice about what’s happening for you and next steps
    • if you want some advice about a family member or a friend who’s sick (if you are with them)
    • if you want advice on finding services near you - you can also check
  • if it’s a medical emergency – call 111.
    • A medical emergency includes chest pain or tightness, difficulty breathing, choking, severe bleeding or bleeding that won’t stop, sudden weakness or difficulty talking, fainting or unconsciousness.
Good things to know about Healthline.
  • Healthline nurses are specialists in assessing and advising over the phone.
  • They can arrange to talk with you in your language - when your call is answered, say you'd like an interpreter and the language you’d like to speak in.
  • Phone calls are free – including from a mobile phone.
  • You can call anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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  • Healthline is staffed by experienced registered nurses who can provide you with health information and advice on care. Learn more about the service, how to provide feedback and how to order Healthline resources. Read more
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