Other services for people who are Deaf or having hearing loss

Hearing therapy

Hearing therapy is funded by the Ministry of Health through Life Unlimited and provided free of charge to people aged 16 years and over. Hearing therapy helps people and their families/whānau manage the impact of hearing loss.

No referral is needed and hearing therapists are available in most main centres in New Zealand.

For more information, contact Life Unlimited Hearing Therapy on 0800 008 011 or [email protected].

Hearing aids and assistive devices

To find out about Ministry of Health funding for hearing aids and assistive devices, visit:


ACC may be able to help if you or your child has had hearing loss as a result of:

  • an accident involving an explosion
  • a head, brain or ear injury
  • being exposed to a noisy workplace over a long period of time.

ACC may be able to help you with medical costs and other financial support. ACC doesn’t cover hearing loss caused by illness, congenital (existing from birth) or hereditary conditions.

For more information, and to discuss your injury-related needs, contact ACC on 0800 101 996 or visit the ACC website. If you’re Deaf you can also contact ACC on [email protected] or fax 0800 332 354.

Veterans’ Affairs New Zealand

Veterans’ Affairs New Zealand provides assistance for veterans of the New Zealand Armed Forces who have suffered an injury or disablement as a result of their service.

If a veteran has an accepted war pension claim for hearing loss, Veterans’ Affairs New Zealand can provide funding for the following services:

  • hearing aids
  • audiologist and fitting fees
  • hearing aid repairs
  • hearing aid battery allowance
  • assistive devices eg, amplified phones, FM systems.

For more information, contact Veterans Affairs New Zealand on 0800 553 003 or [email protected].

New Zealand Relay Service – Telephone

If you or your child are struggling to hear on the telephone, you can use the New Zealand Relay service.

  • With a special phone, you dial an operator and type what you want to say. The operator reads your message to the person you’re calling.
  • The operator types the person’s reply and this appears on your telephone screen.

All call content is confidential and no records of conversations are kept.

For more information, contact NZ Relay on 0800 4715 715.

New Zealand Sign Language

New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) is one of New Zealand’s three official languages. It’s a combination of hand shapes, facial expressions and body movements. NZSL contains ideas, sayings and words that aren’t found in other sign languages, including signs for te reo Māori words and ideas.

NZSL Interpreters help ensure Deaf people can access information and support. You can book interpreters through Deaf Aotearoa New Zealand.

Television captioning

Captions (subtitles for Deaf and hearing-impaired people) are available on many programmes on TV ONE, TV2, TV3, as well as some other channels. This is a free service funded by NZ On Air and run by TVNZ.

An ear logo at the beginning of television programmes indicates that the programme has captions.

For more information about which programmes are captioned and how to access captions:

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