Well Child Tamariki Ora visits

The Well Child Tamariki Ora programme is a series of health visits and support that are free to all families for children from around 6 weeks up to 5 years of age.

Title: Your Child: Well Child Tamariki Ora Visits. Episode 15 of 15.

[Photographs of babies.]

Erika (voice-over): I love what I do. I'm passionate about what I do. I love working with babies and families to achieve positive healthy outcomes.

[Interview with Erika.]

Title: Erika Ware, Well Child Tamariki Ora Nurse

Erika: Kia ora. I'm Erika, and I'm a Tamariki Ora Nurse. I have been doing this job for the last fourteen years, on and off.

[Shots of Erika and other Well Child Tamariki Ora Nurses arriving at houses and greeting families.]

Erika (voice-over): The Tamariki Ora service is free to all. Everyone is entitled to a Well Child Nurse, where they will undergo checks and assessments. We are there just to see how mum and baby have been going, and even the whole family – what they've been up to, any issues they may have – but just to be there and to support them. Your midwife can help you choose a Well Child service, and then if at any time you are not happy with that service, you are more than welcome to change.

[Shots of Well Child Tamariki Ora nurses interacting with children and families.]

Erika (voice-over): Your Well Child visits start from four to six weeks, and carries through until your child turns five. In the early stages, Well Child Nurses visit more regularly, because baby is so young, and it's important to connect with the family and build that relationship, and you can work with the family.

[Shots of Well Child Tamariki Ora Nurses measuring children.]

Erika (voice-over): Every time we go and do a Well Child check, we always assess the growth and development of the child. We will always weigh the baby, and measure how long they are, how much they've grown, and also their head circumference. It's a very exciting time for mum and dad and the family, to see how much baby has put on weight and has grown. It is exciting for them, and it’s neat to see them get excited.

[Interview with Erika.]

Erika: We also assess things like safety, sleeping, nutrition, teeth. Those kinds of things are the main areas we always look at.

[Erika talks to a parent.]

Erika (voice-over): You can also get on the phone, and give your Well Child Nurse a call. If it's just about advice, or anything you want to know, you are most welcome to do that.

[Shots of brochures and Erika browsing the internet.]

Erika (voice-over): You can also call PlunketLine. You can also call Healthline. And there's also your GP services available as well.

[Erika holds up a Well Child Tamariki Ora health book.]

Erika: Outside of our visits, every child will receive their Well Child Tamariki Ora health book, which is filled with lots of information – all of their measurements, their weight, their progress, and support for every age and stage of your child. It is all in here.

[Shots of Well Child Tamariki Ora Nurses interacting with children and families.]

Erika (voice-over): I love being able to connect with family in the community – to bond with them, to learn about them, and to help them on their way, on their journey with raising their children. At the end of the day, that makes me feel awesome that I'm able to be a part of it.

[Erika gets into her car and drives off.]

Title: Our thanks to the families and health workers who appeared in this video for the Ministry of Health. Find out more about pregnancy and child health on www.health.govt.nz/yourhealth.

It’s important that you join up with Plunket or another Well Child Tamariki Ora service as soon as your baby is born, so that they can see your baby when your midwife finishes visiting you. Your midwife can help you to choose the Well Child Tamariki Ora service that’s right for you. To find out about the Well Child Tamariki Ora services in your area, visit the Find a Well Child Tamariki Ora service page.

The free Well Child Tamariki Ora visits cover:

  • child growth and development
  • family health and wellbeing
  • immunisation information
  • oral health (teeth and gum) checks
  • early childhood education
  • vision (sight) and hearing
  • health and development checks for learning well at school.

Well Child Tamariki Ora nurses are experts in child health and growth. Your nurse will support you to protect and improve your child’s health. Your midwife will give you a free Well Child Tamariki Ora My Health Book. The My Health Book reminds you about all the things that you can do to keep your child healthy and safe.

Each visit will cover different areas. To find out more about each visit, click on the link below.

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