Children with serious conditions and special needs

If you or your child have special needs because of a long-term disability or serious condition, your doctor, midwife or nurse may refer you to a Needs Assessment and Service Coordination (NASC) service.

Child with whanuau
The service will find out what your support needs might be and if you are able to get support.

Needs assessment

A needs assessment looks at your or your child’s abilities, resources, goals and needs. The NASC service will work with you to find out which of these is most important.

Service coordination

Service coordination is when the NASC service brings together a number of services to best suit you or your child. The service will take into account what matters most to you and your child, and to your whānau or carers.

See the Needs Assessment and Service Coordination services page to find out more.

Help and support for your child

The NASC service will work out what support is available to you or your child. This might include both funded disability support services and support from people in your networks or community. For example, your child may be offered help from Child Development Services – who help and support children with disabilities and children who are not growing or developing as expected.

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