Services and support during pregnancy

Find out about the services and support available to you while you are pregnant.

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From finding out if you're pregnant, right though until the maternity services after the birth, there are people to support you during pregnancy and birth. In this section, you can find out about your maternity care and choosing a midwife or specialist doctor to support you during your pregnancy and baby's birth, and the extra support for young pregnant women.

You can also find out about antenatal classes where you'll be supported in learning about pregnancy, birth and parenting, your choice of where to give birth, and the maternity care you'll receive during labour and birth, and after the birth.

If you’re unhappy with your maternity care you can find out about your choices. And you can find out about services to support you following miscarriage and stillbirth.

In this section

  • If you think you might be pregnant, a pregnancy test is the best way to find out. You can also go to your doctor or nurse, a midwife, a Family Planning clinic, your school health service or Student Health to find out if you are pregnant. Read more
  • Your lead maternity carer is a midwife or specialist doctor who provides maternity care for you while you are pregnant, during labour and birth and for 4–6 weeks after your baby is born. You choose who provides your maternity care. Read more
  • It’s important that you feel comfortable with the person who will care for you during your pregnancy and when you are having your baby. Find out how to choose the midwife or doctor that is right for you. Read more
  • Many couples go to classes to learn about pregnancy, giving birth and parenting. Find out more about these classes, including who offers them, when to book and what things the classes cover. Read more
  • During pregnancy you will be offered screening tests to check that you and your baby are healthy. Read more
  • You can choose where you have your baby – at home, in a birthing centre or small maternity unit, or in hospital.  Read more
  • Your midwife will care for you during labour and the birth of your baby. If you have a specialist doctor as your main carer, they will be there for the birth and a midwife or midwives will care for you during your labour. Read more
  • Your midwife (or a midwife working on behalf of your specialist doctor) will provide you with the care that you and your baby need immediately after the birth and for 4–6 weeks after baby is born. Read more
  • Losing a baby is hard. Find out about miscarriage and stillbirth, and who can help and support you and your partner through this difficult time. Read more
  • We’ve written this section especially for young women. Thinking that you might be pregnant can be exciting and scary. Find out about your choices, how to get support and continuing your education. Read more
  • Your midwife or specialist doctor should be the first person you speak to when you have any questions or concerns about your care. Read more
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