The last midwife visit

At the last visit of your midwife, which happens when your baby is 4–6 weeks old, the midwife will check that both you and your baby are healthy and well. Your midwife will also hand your baby’s care to your Well Child Tamariki Ora nurse.

This visit is also a good time for you to ask any questions you have about your baby and about being a parent. Remember to have your baby’s My Health Book with you at the visit.

What happens at the visit?

During the visit the midwife will:

  • ask about breastfeeding and offer help if you need it
  • ask you about the birth if you don’t bring it up, and ask what you would like to change for the next birth
  • check how you are feeling and ask questions to check that you are well
  • revisit earlier discussions about contraception and, if you wish, give you a prescription
  • check that your baby is healthy and well, and measure their length, weight and head size
  • check that your baby can see and hear well
  • check your baby’s development
  • ask questions about your health and wellbeing, including family violence
  • hand your baby’s care to your Well Child Tamariki Ora nurse. The midwife refers you to Well Child Tamariki Ora services at about 3 weeks, so there is a handover period from maternity care to your Well Child Tamariki Ora nurse between 4 and 6 weeks. The nurse will ring you to make a time to visit you. This handover to the nurse will be discussed and decided between you and your midwife.
  • refer your baby to the doctor or practice nurse for their 6-week immunisations
  • give you an anonymous feedback form about the midwife care to be sent for the midwife’s review.
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