Teeth and gums

Healthy teeth will last a lifetime.

Having healthy teeth and gums helps protect your smile and supports your overall health. It can also avoid the pain and cost of decay.

How to care for teeth and gums

Good diet

A good diet is important to prevent cavities and tooth decay. Choose healthy foods, snacks and drinks.


It’s also important to brush your teeth and gums in the morning and before going to bed. Use a fluoride toothpaste to help build strong teeth and floss regularly (daily is best).

Regular dental care

Visit your dentist or dental therapist regularly. They have special equipment and techniques for cleaning your teeth, and it’s cheaper to get problems fixed early.

Children can get free basic oral health services from birth to their 18th birthday.

Baby teeth matter

Title: Baby teeth matter - brush them twice a day.

[Dad sleeping in bed]

[Toothfairy appears in parents bedroom and sits on the edge of the bed]

Toothfairy: Hello, there.

You haven't been brushing your little one's baby teeth, have you?

That can mess up their adult teeth, eh?

Pretty easy to avoid, really.

[Toothfairy squeezes some toothpaste on a toothbrush]

Just a little bit of fluoride toothpaste.

Open up.

[Toothfairy starts brushing Dads teeth]

Just gentle brushing, morning and night, to protect their smile.


[Dad spits out toothpaste]

That wasn't too hard, was it?

[Dad shakes his head in agreement]

We're not gonna have to have another little talk, are we?

Dad: No.

Toothfairy: Good man.

I'm gonna go now.


Sleep tight!

It’s important you look after your baby’s first teeth so that their adult teeth come through healthy and strong. Find out how you can look after them.

Keep your smile looking good – easy as!

See simple tips for teenagers and adults on how to take care of your teeth and keep them for life.

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