Introducing different food textures – 7–8 months

At this age, you can introduce slightly more textured soft foods/soft lumps. Also offer some soft finger foods.

Your baby is ready for mashed foods, finger foods and new flavours if they:

  • can sit without support
  • probably have some teeth
  • lean towards food or spoon
  • learn to keep thick purées in mouth
  • are learning to chew and bite
  • are interested in finger foods
  • can pick up and bring food to the mouth.

Spoon foods

Examples of appropriate spoon foods are:

  • age-appropriate infant cereals
  • continue to purée meats and fish
  • mashed rather than puréed vegetables and fruits (eg, stewed apple, mashed banana, mashed pumpkin, kūmara)
  • mashed beans and lentils
  • yoghurts, custards and soft cheeses such as cottage cheese
  • mashed cooked eggs
  • mashed tofu and tempeh.

Finger foods

You should cut these to a size that can be easily held and eaten by baby. Examples of appropriate finger foods are:

  • very soft pieces of vegetables and fruit (eg, slightly overcooked pumpkin, potato, kūmara, ripe banana, avocado)
  • toast fingers
  • thin slices of cheese.

Find out more from the Ministry

The Ministry works to ensure that nutrition recommendations for New Zealand health practitioners and consumers have a sound evidence base.

Visit the Nutrition section in Our work to find out more, or read the Healthy Eating Guidelines for New Zealand Babies and Toddlers (0–2 years old).

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